Open world games are defined as those that allow players to explore virtual worlds freely, 解决甚至定义自己的目标. These often-vast game worlds absorb players in immersive environments, offering a level of escapism harder to achieve with more linear structures. 高级讲师和课程负责人 游戏艺术雅基·爱德华兹, invited members of the 澳门官方游戏官网 gaming community to join her in revealing the virtual game world destinations they have visited in lockdown.

由Graeme Gordon(游戏艺术学生)所选


也许游戏相当于“宅度假”, Forza Horizon 4’s British locations will be familiar to many from UK holidays 和 even some Worcestershire locations closer to home. 

Forza Horizon 4 is set in a beautiful idealized version of Britain, 充满了澳门官方游戏官网美妙的季节变化, 玩家快速穿过村庄, 海岸公路, mountains 和 rolling hills; going for a drive from the comfort of our lockdown-sofas certainly has its appeal. 

格雷姆说:“I think what appeals to me the most about all good driving games is the immediacy of the gratification 和 the fact that you need only commit to a single race if need be 和 still feel as though you have achieved a small goal. 对我来说,这是最直观的玩法形式, where success is almost solely reliant on skill 和 muscle memory alone 和 requires little in terms of brain power. 这个特别有用, 如果像我一样, most of your gaming activity occurs at the end of a full working day.


a still from World of Warcraft Shadowl和s 和 Andrew Manton-Maund

A long running MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game) World of Warcraft has been around since 2004, 随着这些年的扩展包,该系列重新焕发活力.

最新的资料片是《澳门官方游戏官网》, 包括施了魔法的, mystical forest realm selected by Andrew Manton-Maund of 图书馆服务. 

安迪说: “I spent most of my Christmas holidays in the l和 of Ardenweald (World of Warcraft), 一个适应荒野的灵魂的来世. It is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever visited in games. 到处都是郁郁葱葱的蓝色/紫色森林, 平静的音乐, 美丽runestags, 仙人, 和爱尔兰民间传说神话的暗示. It all comes together to create the perfect place to relax 和 chill!"



的快乐, life-sim game was released in March 2020 just as lockdown hit 和 it seems that serendipity has made it one of the biggest selling games of the last twelve months.

谁不想在虚拟岛屿上放松一下呢, 收集贝壳, 制作家庭, adopting a pet seabass…和 hanging out with real friends as well as the inhabitants (we have a soft spot for Antonio)? 这个游戏提供了非常必要的逃避现实的方式. 

“Being a parent of a primary aged child during the last twelve months has been extremely challenging. One of the hardest things has been worrying about their lack of social interaction 和 coming up with ways of allowing them to play together safely online. 《澳门官方游戏官网》就提供了这样一个机会, 有着柔和柔和的创意世界, 探索和社区. 看着我儿子脸上的笑容, seeing his real-world friend ‘arriving’ on a plane for his isl和 play date was a happy moment, 在在家上学的艰难日子里, 在家工作和隔离对澳门官方游戏官网俩都有好处.”  


赛博朋克2077,CD Projekt
Selected by Heather Savage, Environment Artist 和 Associate Lecturer



即使你不是游戏玩家, this much anticipated title could barely have escaped your attention as it hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons in 2020. With a multitude of issues running on the PS4 和 woeful tales of staff ‘crunch’ to meet deadlines 和 expectations, 还有即将发生的诉讼, it seems sad to game artists that a game so ambitious in scale has had such a reception.

为那些足够幸运的人欣赏完整的体验, 《澳门官方游戏官网》是一个充满反乌托邦和阴郁氛围的丰富世界. 

希瑟说: “Cyberpunk 2077 was a highlight of my 2020 despite its controversial reception. The world 和 story that the team at CD PROJEKT were able to capture 和 flesh out was incredibly immersive 和 I did everything I could (side content, mini missions) to avoid the final mission - I didn't want it to end!

《澳门官方游戏官网》捕捉到了肮脏, dirty aesthetic of the Cyberpunk genre 和 style with such detail that you want to get lost 和 explore, 和 that is the point; there is no need to just follow the story. The openness of the game wants you to find the slightly weirder missions, 升级装备,尽情享受吧, 玩得开心!”


在对许多行业来说都是艰难的一年, 2020年,游戏行业实现增长,收入超过40亿英镑, 增加了14.5% from 2019 和 a healthy regional contribution from developers in the Midl和s such as Forza’s Playground based in Leamington Spa, 还有来自新工作室和初创公司的投资. 在澳门官方游戏官网展望即将走出大流行的未来之际, we hope there is much to be positive about in both the real 和 virtual worlds.  

雅基·爱德华兹,是课程领导者 游戏艺术, 并教授包括游戏艺术:设计在内的多个模块, 理论和概念, in which students this semester have been looking at world-building 和 producing concept art for their own game worlds. 



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